TruPulse Laser Rangefinder

TruPulse Overview

It’s almost an insult to even call these powerful measurement tools a “Laser Rangefinder” because their capabilities go far beyond just measuring a range. You can instantly measure slope distance, inclination and azimuth* and calculate horizontal and vertical distance – all with a single push of a button.

TruPulse 200L & 200X laser range finders

TruPulse 200L and 200X
Laser Rangefinders

The new TruPulse 200L is a professional laser rangefinder for a consumer price. The built-in inclinometer (tilt sensor) allows the user to measure horizontal distances to extremely far targets. The 4X magnification optics makes this unit ideal for tree height measurements.

To complete the TruPulse product line, the new TruPulse 200X is very accurate, ruggedized waterproof unit ideal product for any type of environment. The new bright red LED display is perfect for those low light measurement conditions. Also new to the product line is adding a Bluetooth module that is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android & Windows Mobile.

Our Missing Line Routine is incorporated into all TruPulse models. The TruPulse 200 Series Missing Line routine is a 2D measurement. Taking 2 shots to remote targets calculates the distance & inclination values between those 2 remote targets.

How the TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Measures Up:

  • Measures distances, height, missing line* and azimuth*.
  • Fits inside a vest pocket and is very economical.
  • Displays all measurements and menus right in the scope.
  • Integrates with GPS and popular GIS software**.

TruPulse laser range finder displaying data