Trimble 4D Control Monitoring Software Version 4.5 is Now Released and Available

Trimble 4D Control v4.5 software harnesses the power of GNSS, optical, seismic, engineering and geotechnical sensors to provide in-depth measurement, data analysis and management tools to help organizations meet a range of project requirements from periodic deformation measurements to real-time, multi-sensor monitoring operations.

The latest software version provides new capabilities and advanced features to analyze complex data and enable better decision making. New features and enhancements in Trimble 4D Control include:

  • eCognition software is supported in¬† T4D for automated radar image analysis.
  • non-Trimble Total Stations are supported to provide in-depth measurement and complete sensor management .
  • Fast Fourier Transform calculations are supported to transform a real-time domain signal into a frequency domain representation. A modal analysis in the frequency domain allows detection of how the characteristics of a physical object changes over time and warns of impending failure.
  • Trimble 4D Control Room Web is a new add-on to allow users to monitor several T4D installations.

For more information on the various monitoring apps and their functionalities, please contact us.

Source: Trimble